Echo PPT-265ES


This long reach pruner is ideal for pruning trees and cutting off dead and unwanted branches. The Echo PPT-265ES power tree pruner has a telescopically adjustable rigid shaft that does not flex and carries a virtually unstallable 30.5cm (12″) chainsaw head as standard, although this is one of very few machines that does allow the fitting of other attachments, including the popular adjustable hedge trimmer HCAA-2402.

With the optional extension it is 5.3m long and with it you can reach branches up to 7.01m (23′) high.

The Echo PPT-265ES is powered by a 25.4cc engine, featuring the Easy Start system which means the pulling power needed on the starter rope is greatly reduced compared to other makes, with no kick-back effect in cranking.

Using anti-vibration technology, the shaft is cushioned and the throttle isolated against vibration.

A sturdy fibreglass housing have made this power pruner strong, but with an overall weight of just 7.9kg, the new Echo PPT-265ES is easy to manoeuvre to ensure precise operation. A safety shut-off switch, easy-grip handle and trigger and comfortable safety harness helping to support the pruner, together with Echo’s anti-vibration control measures, have made the Echo PPT-265ES power pruner very user-friendly for the professional landscaper.



  • Powerful, lightweight two-stroke engine
  • Easy Start system for quick, effortless starting
  • Stage 2 compliant low emission engine
  • Lightweight, rigid shaft
  • Telescopically adjustable
  • Centrally placed exhaust for right or left hand use
  • 30.5cm virtually unstallable chainsaw head
  • Safety shut-off switch
  • Ergonomic design for more comfortable handling
  • Easy grip handle and trigger
  • Adjustable automatic oiler
  • Two guide bar studs

Echo offers a huge five year domestic warranty and two years for domestic use.

Registration of Echo products is necessary to validate the manufacturer’s warranty.

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